Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 8, 2009

Do you wake up each day with the thought that you have been given a chance to do something great? What about something average? Small? How about waking up and automatically think that you will accomplish one new and different thing today to make you feel like it won’t be the “same old, same old.”? Our goal is to always push you to be positive and visionary in your attitude from the moment you wake up. Be your own motivator by giving yourself a reason to feel some vibrancy about the day in front of you.

Make today special for yourself. Go to work, to school, to play or wherever you want with the idea that not only can you improve on your life, but that you can make a difference in someone else’s too. Do anything to recalculate your future. Understand that you make an incredible and indelible mark on society and in the lives of many people. On this day, it is our request of you to do something for someone who may have helped you at any point in the past in any way. Did someone help you financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually or in any other form? If so, give them something back to assure the balance will be in their life. It will put more balance in yours too.

We bring this topic up with the intent of encouraging you not to feel disheartened by past days or past events. Every single day that you awake gives you an opportunity to turn your life around. Pray for peace and comfort. Pray for enlightenment and understanding, for unlimited love and the luxuries that the universe has to give you. Acknowledge that you are entitled to it. Do this knowing that Spirit and the love of God is with their hand on your back. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.


nina said...

Hi Jim,
I just had to laugh when I read this one. I had just sent an e-mail to a friend telling her that my life was the, "same old, same old." You can't make this stuff up!LOL. More and more I feel that Spirit is talking to me directly, or perhaps more likely, I'm able to hear and understand more. Thank you Jim, your work is helping me.

Diane said...

I love this part..."Do this knowing that Spirit and the love of God is with their hand on your back." It is very comforting.

Thank you Jim

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks to all of you who let me know the blog is helping. You can help me too, if you don't mind. There is now a small ad under the message for the day. If you could click it or them--depending on whether it is a single or multiple ad--I will actually make a few cents. You don't even have to buy anything.

Let's hope Spirit keeps providing us with enlightening messages.