Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 23, 2009

We want you to live today as though yesterday did not exist. It is imperative for you to stay attuned only to the things you can still have some control with--like this day and the ramifications of how your actions will have a positive impact on the future. If what you are doing is going to sabotage your efforts to improve in any way, then it is time to shut off the “old teachings” and work to ingrain new and vibrant habits. We know you can do this!

All Spirit ever wants if for each person to have a life filled with harmony and balance; to be as vibrant as the verdant meadows in the rainy season. Seize the day, for it is yours! You do not have to wait for someone else to lead you to where they think you should be. That responsibility is all yours! Love yourself! You are someone who must understand the awesomeness of yourself. Never was a soul put on earth to be evil-minded and harmful to others. Even more so, you were not born to be given more lessons then you can handle. Yes, we admit that some of you are growing exponentially faster then the average person which also makes you more susceptible to many more lessons. However, doesn’t that mean you are leaps and bounds ahead because your soul is so capable of adjusting to the many directives from Spirit? God blesses each of you. Spirit, including the Hierarchy and the kingdom of angels, are within your aura and vibration. Never let yourself feel so dismayed that you do not reach out to those who can help you.

On this particular day--which can be said on any day--we want you to begin a new habit. The only requirement is that it will affirm your assets, both materially and as a person. In addition, you should make sure it flows with the intent of the Golden Rule. Even on the side of God, living in this state of being makes our energies have a better today. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Jim said...


Another wonderful message!

To answer your post yesterday, your answers are always very helpful and at times eye opening. Thank you for the daily messages and for your interaction with all of us.

Anne said...

Hi Jim.
Could you please explain further what this means.
"we want you to begin a new habit. The only requirement is that it will affirm your assets, both materially and as a person."
Thank you

Anonymous said...

May I venture a quess about "affirm your assets - material as well as a person"? I interpret this to mean that for today we should try to change something, form a new way of doing and thinking by making better choices financially and spiritually. So many people are under stress now because of either their own poor choices or by the poor choices of others. We need to control what we can through new habits to secure our own homes and sense of well being by maybe spending less or more wisely, clearing clutter and chaos, thereby allowing ourselves to be in a better state of mind and being. Rather than "spend" we could maybe shore up our own inner assets doing things like "spending" quality time with friends, family, read, walk, plant flowers, run, skip, play tennis, meditate, pray, volunteer. I think it is open to interpretation.

Jim Fargiano said...

Most of Spirit's messages are open to multiple ways of interpretation. If I sum up "new habit" part of their words, it would be to say that they want us to develop ourselves with good or useful choices and repetitive behavior that becomes ingrained as a habit. Most of us are always battling our past experiences when they have been negative. If we all learn to purge those thoughts from our conscious and subconscious minds by inserting things in our life that are more helpful, then our futures become much brighter.

In other words, there is no harm in making smart choices when it comes to finanaces, home life, our care of our physical bodies, and especially our spiritual and personality-filled traits. If we repeat good decisions, ultimately they become habit. That leaves no room for us to be held back by our past mistakes or the abuses we may have suffered at the hands of others. We are in control of our future, so nothing from the past can hold us back unless we refuse to let the unhealthy and unhelpful stuff go.

Diane said...

Incredible Jim! These messages the past few days are lifting me up higher than I ever thought I could go!!

"...Love yourself! You are someone who must understand the awesomeness of yourself..."

Thank you, over and over again!!