Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 13, 2009

When peace enters your heart all the problems in society and your life will seem inconsequential. You must live in a way that allows your best efforts to shine through. You do make a difference to everyone around you, which means that you make a difference to the world. You could say that you make a world of difference, yet most of you do not understand it. Let the blessings of peace flow!

Today, we want you to digest the angels that make such a huge difference within each one of you. Feel them inside yourself, around your aura and in your heart. The angels are here to stay! Rejoice in the knowledge that the blessings you crave are already in place. Absorb the truth of Spirit; that the richness of love and contentment is available all the time, on each day, forever and ever. Envision the cherubs dancing, the heavenly entities flowing with love and compassion and joy, filled with the gift of optimism and love. Seize this as your chance to make a difference in your attitudes and through the example of your behavior, notice how other people will seem to shift in their approach towards you. They will be more in line with the loving vibration that you emit.

Our intent is to always tell you how vital you are to all of us in the Highest of lands. It enables us to stay focused on rewarding you with more smiles in your soul today and everyday. Allow yourselves to be lifted up to the heavens. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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nina said...

What a beautiful message. I have had moments when I have felt this message to the depth of my soul. Words cannot describe the feeling of bliss. I ask the Angels to help me be open to this connection with God all the time so that peace can enter my heart and the problems of this physical reality will seem inconsequential. I pray that for all of us. Thank you Jim.

Diane said...

Thank you for this. It feels good to know that we do make a difference to others even when it appears that it doesn't matter. A phone call, a smile, a card, anything at all can brighten a person's day.

This message makes me feel very light, and happy...thank you Jim.

Jim Fargiano said...

Hopefully, everyone can feel the depth of the messages. You're both doing well in grasping the words. Just let them continue to settle into your hearts and souls and things will ease even more.