Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 22, 2009

Life works through vibrations. There will be time frames that make you go through periods of doubting yourself and your direction. Spirit understands the reasons you get frustrated with what may seem to be a slow pace before you reach the joy and happiness that you crave. We actually hope you crave those things, simply because having a craving is similar to having an addiction. If you are going to have an infatuation with something, then it might as well be your goals, dreams and spiritual aspirations.

Why should you feel alone when the reverberant love and energy is with you? We do understand that at times you will question things. It is hard, as a physical being, not to wonder about things that may not seem visible to you. Be assured, what is invisible to you will be very solid when you allow your trust to flourish. God and Spirit may not “appear” to you, but we can be seen in many of the days normal unfolding. It does not matter whether or not you can see us, but it is vital that you create your own vision in life. How can you be the person you want to be if you do not take time to “see” your own greatness? Yes, you are great! All people are a gift from God. Unfortunately, some never appreciate the importance of that reference.

With the flight of the angels above and around you, you can conquer what you put your mind and intelligence into. Failure only happens if you have let yourself become invisible. In other words, when you feel down and out you must reach up and out--to Spirit! Our strength will only resonate deep within your souls if you open your heart and minds to us. Never let yourself be undetectable. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Jim said...

Thanks for this wonderful blog and for these encouraging postings.

We are surrounded by our Angels and Spirit Guides. When should we reach out for one versus the other? .....or do we reach out for both at the same time and let either or both help us according to their wisdom and diecretion?
Also, in a reading does one's spirit guide(s) ever identify themselves to you as such?

Today's message was awesome!

Diane said...

What an excellent lesson to teach our children!! It should be posted in all the schools...

"If you are going to have an infatuation with something, then it might as well be your goals, dreams and spiritual aspirations."

Wonderful! Thank you!!

Lauren said...

Today and the last few days I just want to re-read over and over your words... Spirit's words. This is hard work... I would still be in the dark if it weren't for you. Thank you Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Jim,talk about ''words of wisdom'',, all that you & Spirit have said is so true . I thank you for being my calm & inner peace during difficult times we live in these days,, may God above always bless you for every thing you do daily to reach & help so many of us in need of your words. Erin

Jim Fargiano said...

First, Jim, I want to explain to you that we shouldn't worry about picking and choosing whether we reach out to our guides or the angel kingdom. All requests and prayers go up and out, but it is apparently matched by what or who aligns best with the energy needed for each particular problem or request. I tend to think that if we are going to try to control how our requests are answered, then we really haven't allowed for the trust in the other side to kick in.

To answer your second question...I am usually too busy interpreting words, symbols and impressions to worry about the name of who is giving it to me. It takes me out of my tempo, but there are exceptions. Most of the guides tell me names are not important because they work with us by vibrational light.

I am mindful that as much as I want to answer the questions, sometimes I may not do a good enough job. Let me know.

Lastly, thanks to the rest of you who post on here and are receiving the positive intended benefits. Keep up the great work!

Diane said...

You always do an amazing job. You are a gift that we all reap fabulous benefits from!

a million thank yous!