Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--May 1, 2009

It is time for your soul to relax. Be content with the power of protection given to you from the Land of Love. Embrace your right to receive abundance on all levels. You are well protected, as the emanating vibration of love and Light swirl around you. It is thrust into your inner being. Acceptance is of vital importance if you are to absorb the lifetime of happiness that Spirit wants for all people. Yes, you deserve to live life without fears, worries or stresses that enable you to stay stuck.

This message has more to do with prodding you to look at your abilities to welcome the bounty of love and prosperity that the universe has to offer you. If you do nothing else the next few days, tell someone who is special to you now, as well as anyone you may want to have in your future in a positive way, how you feel about them. You should not leave for chance the love you deserve to be misunderstood or not known. Express yourself freely. If you do, and the person you expect to have such a bright connection with in the future does not respond the way you expected, then it might be time to review the link between each of you. The world is full of options and all we want is for you to have the right ones land in your heart and soul. This is something that is well-deserved by you. Select not only the people who will have viable and uplifting attributes to yourself, but also the proper actions and material steps that will enhance your contentment and jubilation. You are well-blessed and loved beyond the comprehension of your limited earthbound awareness! Let yourself fly with the angels, as they are always trying to pilot you to your highest good! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, I feel as though this message is directly for me. Amazing! Thank you.

Diane said...

Jim, this is absolutely beautiful, and exactly what I needed to hear.

the Land of wonderful!

"It is time for your soul to relax. Be content with the power of protection given to you from the Land of Love."

thank you so much

Anonymous said...

I needed this today, Jim. Thanks as always for your uplifting words - they go straight to the heart and soul.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I am always appreciative of the responses and trust that Spirit will keep pumping the words to all of us.