Friday, April 24, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 25, 2009

Challenges in life should be seen with acceptance. This is not because Spirit wants you to struggle, but because each time you face a difficult situation head-on, you are essentially telling the universe that you are undaunted in your desire to be the best person possible. It also tells us that you have invested your beliefs and trust that you “know” things will work out. Many times, we have told you that in order to be triumphant, you must put the burdens out to God and the High Masters. They can handle your worries much more easily than you.

Now, we did not say that to insult anyone. Some of you are adept at handling crisis after crisis, but most are not. The ones who can are the same people who have that quiet confidence that they are protected above and beyond the limitations of their mere physical self. Spirit is always available to you. Consider us your best friend. Like true friends and perfect romances, we are never going to let you down. It is when you may feel the most frustrated that we are the most potent form of love and protection you can get. If you put your faith and trust in God and Spirit, you will excel beyond your best expectations. That means that you will not just get past the problems that plague you. Instead, the comfort, encouragement and bliss that you deserve will covet you. Think about that. The qualities you seek in life will want to find you. That is the way of the angels. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

what a beautiful, comforting message...

"If you put your faith and trust in God and Spirit, you will excel beyond your best expectations."

thank you Jim!