Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--April 27, 2009

Communication is the key to a happy life. Spirit asks that you spend some time in reflection. It will allow you to see within yourself what patterns you hold that are helpful, and those that are not. When we speak of communication, we are referring not just in regards to interaction between people. It is a great virtue to deal in honest and straightforward ways amongst anyone you come in contact with; especially with interpersonal relationships. However, if you spend a fair amount of time in communion with your inner self, the value in that is such that you have actually accepted and opened conversations with God and Spirit.

Life envelops each of you with a torrent of energy and loving vibrations. Most people do not understand that Spirit is continually opening new pathways to happiness. It is difficult to live in a physical world. With struggles that range from horrid abuse to emotional fiascoes, illnesses, financial lack, marital anxiety, and so forth, it is no wonder many of you can feel challenged. It is during these times that it is pertinent to reaffirm your connection to the Higher Powers. Communicating your worries and troubles with us will bring about a sense of relief, if for no other reason then because you have tried to let go and let God. Help is often sent before the problem has gotten to the point of crisis. Most people do not realize that they have been sent an angel. Do you allow yourself to see it and embrace it, or do you recognize it and block its importance?

Each one of you should be assured in knowing that Spirit is always working with you. If you were not important, we would not be sharing our efforts to help to lift you from your burdens. Many substantial changes in life can be minimized when you openly accept and acknowledge this. You are angels to us! Let us fly with you through life! Peace will come to your hearts and souls much more quickly and thoroughly. If for no other reason, allow yourself the hugs of God to feel secure in your futures. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing message that I feel is directed to me. Thank you. Help is always around us. Wonderful!

Diane said...

Spending time in "communion with your inner self" is something I need to do more often.

Thank you for another inspiring message!

Jim Fargiano said...

It was an interesting message. Judging from the e-mails, a lot of people felt it was directed specifically to them.

Thanks for sharing your comments.