Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 10, 2009

Today, you should be looking at what empowers you. What do you do for fun? What part of your life is focused just on bringing inner harmony to your soul? Just as the universe has gone through an evolution, you do as a person too. Many of you are aware that what may have been important to you as a child, holds no importance to you now. In fact, depending on some circumstances, what may have been relevant to you yesterday might not mean a thing to you today. Life is about adjustments.

All people endure changes. Many of them are unwanted, yet critical for the survival of your soul. Other changes have you basking in the glow of anticipation. Either way, inspiration has to come from someplace. The darkness you may feel is ultimately brightened by the power and embodiment of the Ascended Masters. It can come quite unexpectedly. Perhaps the angelic realm sent a connection with a physical person to give you the guidance you needed now, or may have been in search of throughout the years. Did you notice a word on a billboard, or see a feather standing up as if it was waiting for you to pick it up? Spirit works in a multitude of ways to assist you.

It is important to remember the following: It is not only Jesus who sits at the right hand of the Father. We realize that statement may immediately get some of you upset. It is not meant to be blasphemous, nor to get any of you who may not espouse to the specific teachings of Jesus, angry. Our point is quite simple. If you understand that you deserve the same prominence that the Master does, then it should also make sense that you do not have to suffer. Feel special! At the same time, know that the issues that trouble you the most are the cause for you to enter yourself into a state of trust and love from the powers on the Golden Side. You are loved, cherished, honored and given the empathy from all of the Kingdom of Spirit.

We did mention that positive or wanted changes deserve inspiration. Our thought is for you to acknowledge that continued appreciative affirmations will continue to supply you with the things you desire and deserve. To help you, consider that we mentioned the Kingdom of Spirit. If you can visualize your life with a king size dome over you that encapsulates all of the love and effervescent emotion and stability you’ll ever need, then it stands to reason that all the goodness will be trapped for you to keep. Conversely, if you are emotionally or physically struggling, we suggest that you see the same dome, but yours will have a vent on the top for your dark pains to be absorbed by the Light of God. Allow your Higher Self to guide you. Trust that you are worthy of living. Others need you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

Very inspiring and beautiful message. I need to always keep in mind that I am never alone.

Jim Fargiano said...

Thanks Jim. I appreciate you taking the time for me.