Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 23, 2009

I am with you in your waking hours. I watch over you when you are sleeping. When you are driving down the road, I am with you. My hand guides you towards the best that life has to offer. It extends to heal your heart and mind. You are my most cherished possession. My energy and efforts will never cease. I cannot truly die, but I can seem idled by the fact that the physical side of life offers challenges for your soul to grow. I am in the trees, the birds and the sky. My touch can be as gentle as the caress of a butterfly, or as mighty as the ocean rage during a storm. There is no way to hide from me, for I am your “I am.”

There is never a time when you are alone. What we have shared with you is the fact that a power and unfathomable strength is built into your physical design. We could have said that the above was an edict from God, but you have a piece of him within. Therefore, that would mean you have the tools to advance yourself past any hardship. Life is all about stepping beyond the boundaries. We try hard to make this happen. Primarily, Spirit wants you to realize the inner power of attaching yourself to the Light of Happiness.

We could also tell you for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one that our first thoughts in this message could just as easily have come from them. It is not abstract to be thinking that all of what we stated is a bit overwhelming; yet it is true. For all the kids who have predeceased you, spouses, siblings, Moms and Dads, they are watching over you too. The only thing that separates your ability to connect with them is your belief that you either can or cannot. Just remember, the glow of the angels' love comes from the angels you feel you have lost.

It is our awareness that this is a different type of lesson for all of you. It was designated to enlighten many new people who struggle, just as you do from time to time. These words were meant to fire you up to realize no one can hold you back except for yourself. Be the star in the night sky for others to gleam. Even if you don’t ever feel like this is something you can be, in spirit, we see it! Reality is that since this is so, then it is. Our love for all of you is enormous. Absorb it, embrace it and share it! These heartfelt words are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

The first paragraph of this message felt like it was a "personal" message for me. What beautiful words!

mary said...

Just what My friend used to tell me. So, my heart and soul felt these words deeply. Thank you Jim. God bless :-)**

Diane said...

"Life is all about stepping beyond the boundaries." Perfect!

TivaJoy said...

I loved this message. Just last night I had a dream where the feelings of being alone amongst lots of people was so strong, it seeped out into my waking time. I know I am not alone, I usually don't feel that way, but I used to. And the habits I have overcome have given me strength and insecurities go away too.

This message today just verified what I already knew... but love the way it is worded here. I once got a fortune cookie that said, "you are the guiding star of his existence". Thank you both for reminding me of that.

Keep up the good work!

Jim Fargiano said...

This was another deeply felt message. I think Spirit is working very hard to reassure us that not only are we loved and blessed by them, but also that our family who have past over are as well.
Thank you for making me feel like this blog is making a positive difference.

Diane said...

I don't think you have any idea how much of a difference this blog is making in people's lives...it is part of my daily routine and I would be lost without it!