Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 16, 2009

Sometimes life offers us an opportunity to do things we never expected. It comes, from our viewpoint--Spirit’s--that you should not be afraid to make progress of any kind. Changes in your physical existence are paramount to success on a soul level. It is at this level that you absorb happiness and love. It is also on this level that your ability to forgive comes into focus. Inner strength must come form the principle of forgiveness, for it does you no good to hold in your heart, mind and soul any anger and resentment for something that has already gone by. We understand that in the physical sense it is not always easy to release the wounds caused by other peoples’ words. Those actions are not supposed to be a permanent reflection on who you are.

You must remember that in your ability to stay spiritually proud and grounded, there is also the ability to release the toxicity of poorly timed or poorly worded statements. Some people say things that are hurtful to you without really reviewing the intent. In many cases, the words spoken are really nothing more then a way for them to try to redeem their own mistakes and misfortunes. If the truth is anything different, the words you hear should not be absorbed into your consciousness. They will only restrain you from the beautiful destiny that awaits. The opposite must also be looked at. Make sure it is not you who is verbalizing hurtful words.

This bring us back to forgiveness. Unless you are willing to embrace the attitude of absolution, you will not ever completely receive the love and infinite prosperity that is yours. Of course, this includes yourself in the mix of people to forgive. It will only be through the love of who you are that smoothness and transparency for your future takes hold. This is easier to do than you are thinking. Self forgiveness means that you love yourself enough not to berate or belittle who you are. The angels are your divining rod. They will point the way on the path of ultimate achievement and procure the many blessings you are entitled to. Recall these words whenever you feel stuck. You are loved and admired by the Kingdom of Infinite Spirit. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

This is an incredibly powerful message Jim. It resonated with me on almost every level.

"Self forgiveness means that you love yourself enough not to berate or belittle who you are. The angels are your divining rod." Wow! Thank you for this!

Jim said...

One of the keys to an abundant, loving and fulfilling life is to start by "loving thyself" first isn't it?

Jim Fargiano said...

I think too many of us are way too hard on ourselves. We are all a work in progress, but fortunately, we have a Higher Presence to help us along.