Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 30, 2009

We want you to understand that all people are equal. While there might be some who seem to possess special skills or talents; some who might be bigger and stronger, more beautiful or homely, it makes no difference. We hope that all of you will look at each other differently after this message.

Those who you may feel are better than others, are no better than someone else’s best effort. People will always appear to have differences. This is what makes the world a perfect balance. For some of you, being average is not a curse and certainly not something to be scorned upon when you are thinking about yourself. You may feel that someone else is doing things at a higher level. The truth is that in the Creation, harmony and balance were struck with perfect precision. While you may think that you are sub-par in certain areas, the rest of us know you are above par in other aspects. This is a tough concept to state in a few words.

Let us tell you that wherever you feel inferior, God and Spirit see you elevated in other ways. Failure is only the absence of initial success. If you did everything perfectly, from a physical life perspective, then where would the need for any lessons be? You would become bored and dulled into desiring the end of your life more quickly. By having to go through lessons in a multitude of ways, your Higher Self and soul are registering each one so that you can prosper. This improvement will come with patience in the way you see life, both here and in the hereafter. Your relationships will be more magnified, especially when they are “set up” by a spiritual convergence of perfect souls.

Basically, being average encourages you to strive for better things. Better things is a gifted opportunity for you. We can assure you that by seeing that someone is the shortest of the tall, or the tallest of the short, will enable you to begin to understand what we mean when we say all people are average. Perhaps it is the universal picture that you need to look at. Each one of you is a perfect piece and equally adored by the Hierarchy. As long as you are respectful of the value of your life, you will see the joy of living. We know that some of you are jumping to conclusions about what that means when connected to loved ones who have passed over by their own hand or helped cause it to happen. Relax in the knowledge that they are engulfed in an aura of love, Light and lessons by the Ascended Masters, including Jesus and God. Stay true to your spiritual connection and you will become enamored with the thought of being special in the eyes of angels. We will try to get you to understand the synopsis of these words through prayer and your own banter, questions and answers from one person to another. You are all given above average blessings for your stellar souls. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

I love this message Jim, especially this part: "Failure is only the absence of initial success." That simple statement puts everything into perspective when you think about it.

But I must say I could really use some boredom in my life right now..! :-)

Jim Fargiano said...

Once again, you picked up on the same part of the message I did. Keep up the good work, Diane!