Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 4, 2009

If you are more aware of your direction and thoughts, then it is completely in your hands to change that which you do not want. There is nothing in your physical life that cannot be changed, especially when we are speaking of personal, emotional and spiritual growth. You are not paralyzed; not stuck to live in a quagmire of dysfunction and despair. Listen to your Higher Self and your life will begin to elevate to levels of happiness you did not know existed.

Consider that the only thing you really need to do is to make a commitment to action. In other words, you must not be fearful of making changes. It can start as simply as taking a new route to work, or perhaps literally taking a few steps more in your exercise regimen. Of course, if you do not exercise, this is the beginning of a path to enhance your well-being. You deserve to live life in a way that makes you feel worthy and enhanced. This is something you are in control of. Your soul is seen as a paragon of pulchritude. In other words, you are seen from the Kingdom of God and angels as being a vibrant, beautiful soul. This is why we want action from you to carve the path of success that you desire.

Actions must override fears. That simplistic statement is of deep value. A millionaire cannot become one unless he or she has made an earnest attempt to save money. They plan for their future. Many of them make sure that each day they put a few dollars into a jar or bank to insure that their wealth will continue. This gesture is also what we need each of you to do. For those who are struggling financially, have you attempted this logical program? If not, is it because you are of the mind that you cannot afford to put a dollar or more a day aside for your future? Do you tell yourself you can’t afford it, only to be drinking a cup of coffee purchased somewhere?

Like money, your spiritual worth and value will only rise when you make an investment in your “bank.” A steady accumulation of actions that are positive in nature will give way to the acquisition of peace, contentment, and a balance in life that you would prefer. What steps have you taken to secure the advancement of yourself? There is no reason to fear improvements, no matter how hard you think they will be to do. Consider this lesson one in which you are committing to the Highest Power. Your plan to abide by the actions, words, directions and requested deeds given to you for a bounty of love and perseverance will make you prosperous on a soul level. You have a friend in the circle of Masters. In fact, you have dozens of them! As your attitude improves in your belief system, then you will be amply blessed and rewarded. May the beacon of Light press into your essence. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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JoAnn said...

Great message! ..Thanks Jim! I need to hear this today!

Diane said...

time to give up my 7-11 cup of coffee!

Thank you Jim and Spirit...this is a wonderful message!

Maureen said...

I love this message.... we all need to be reminded "we" take the steps and "we" are responsible for our tomorrows.... and with Spirit and a dictionary, we can continue to learn..."quagmire"! Wow!

nina said...

Hi Jim,
"Quagmire" I knew, but "Pulchritude" I had to look up!
Great message. A little, "change" adds up to a big treasure. LOL.Thanks Jim.

Jim Fargiano said...

Nina, any time I get something from The Egyptian, a.k.a., St. Paul, my vocabulary is tested. "Pulchritude" does not sound to me to mean at all what it does. The "paragon of pulchritude" in laymen's terms just means the prime example of beauty.

This might be the most read blog message I've put up. JoAnn, we all needed to hear it.

Diane, will 7-11 go out of business if you give up the coffee you drink?

Maureen, we appreciate that message. You are, as always, right on the money.