Monday, September 21, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 22, 2009

Life can be a mystery for many people. Some think they should be much better off then they are. Others think they are impervious to any problems. Still others make the good ones wonder why they struggle and the people who don’t seem to be are doing everything wrong. We can only tell you that all of your feelings, from a human perspective, are not necessarily wrong. We do want you to be careful not to thrust your anger on someone else.

Let us heal you. Let us lift your moods and surge you with an abundance of love and wealth. While Spirit can do that for you, it makes it much easier when you do not dismiss the opportunities that we present to you. How many boats, caravans and horses do you need to come pick you up? While that may be a little facetious, our point is that you are always presented with ways to overcome your hurts and hardships. There are many ways for you to achieve better health, as well as to have your heart mended by the angels. While we have no reservations about speaking about God, it is also kept in mind that even the cynical of the earth need to be protected. The truth is that if you TRUST in your Higher Self, then you can accomplish the healing you need. We are not saying that all of you are cynical, but we must admit that there are times when we do not reference God, Jesus or Spirit as much as we should, if only to allow those who are not sure that there is something greater guiding them. All in all, we need every person to believe they are not beyond their ability to feel healed.

Spirit and the cavalry of angels are with each and every single one of you. We come in the form of friends, acquaintances, religious leaders, animals, the environment and much more. We send symbols through feathers, loose change, “voices” in your head, as well as through direct energy that will give you the feeling of a chill. (goose bumps) God and Spirit are everywhere. You may be sent these words by someone who thinks you need to hear or read them. The fact is that we are always trying to ease the comfort and burden of your problems. To us, it makes no difference if it is an emotional, physical or spiritual challenge. You are protected by the golden cape of Love and Light that the angels are forever delivering. No one is forsaken.

We do feel compelled to tell you that we are sorry when you have had to go through deep struggles. We are also compelled to tell you that you should not summarily forget all the good times you have in your life. Being honed in on them will help to make them stay alive in your minds. When that is done, the realistic creation of what you desire is more likely to be delivered. Speaking of delivered, we must add that you are always delivered from evil. Instead, learn to focus on the breath of life that makes you an incredible, one of a kind, piece of this great universe. May your hearts swell with grace and comfort, and with the riches that are within your reach. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

My life has been a mystery as of late, with an abundance of annoyances! But the interesting part is my angels have been sending lots of help and I am very grateful for that.

"You are protected by the golden cape of Love and Light that the angels are forever delivering." That is so beautiful Jim, and Spirit. Thank you so much for this.

Jim Fargiano said...

Any time, Diane. My aim is to keep pumping out Spirit's words.