Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 18, 2009

Let’s be at peace within ourselves. This is particularly important for those of you who feel any stress, at any time. You have the ability and fortitude, plus the partnership with a Higher Power, to dismiss all of the issues that hold you back. Today, stand tall and face the Golden Light. Let all people know that you are ready to embrace and draw to you a quality and strength that you may not have capitalized on in the past. It is a new day; a new dawning of optimistic love and enlightenment!

We urge you to charge ahead on your path of greatness, knowing that Spirit is creating a chance for you to feel an equinox within yourself. Balance is everything! This must be remembered because, no matter what the issue, handling it with practical moderation will allow it to resolve perfectly. In other words, when things may not be going as you would like, they will become less burdensome. When areas of your life are doing well, this will continue because it is your right to have infinite happiness be a large part of your inner being. We always crave the unity of a loving harmony between yourself and your Higher Self.

Our point is very basic. Absorb only the helpful aspects of life and dismiss the negative ones. There are no extra points awarded for thinking it is your lot in life to suffer and be lacking in anything. That holds true for all situations, thus giving you the potential to be gladdened by what the universe can provide for you. You do not have to take abuse of any kind, nor should you feel like you cannot overcome any addictive qualities in your thinking and behavior. All of you will be given applause by the powers of the Ascended Masters when you accept the fact that you are entitled to living life in a loved and untarnished way. It is not an entitlement. In other words, all you have to do is put forth the effort, and then you will be rewarded. To stick your hand out without doing anything is the wrong way to grow spiritually, or otherwise. Get up, get going and prove to yourself that you deserve greatness! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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C Ray said...

This is great to read first thing in the morning!! Thanks Jim.

Diane said...

I read this last night after you posted it. I just read it again now. It is so powerful and empowering. I know I have the ability to deal with difficult situations, but they just seem to keep popping up, one right after the other. "You do not have to take abuse of any kind..." Thank you Jim. I will just keep breathing through this.

Jim Fargiano said...

Ray, it was nice to post it late at night too. Are you onto chapter sixteen yet?

Diane, I know that there is a lot of angelic work being done on you and around you. Stay focused on what you've been doing, because in the end, all the other stuff is just an inconvenience on the way to your victory.

Diane said...

Thank you for that Jim. That makes me feel so much better than I have been!