Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 21, 2009

Life can be a golden cascade of angelic energy, or you could choose to see it as a cavern filled with sadness. Spirit is trying to open your eyes to the potential of life; not the aspects of life that can be depressing and sometimes demeaning. You are the most powerful tool you will ever need to be happy. Your palate was created with pure innocence and emptiness; only waiting for your trek through life to fill it up. It is your requirement to oblige the need for happiness by accepting that even during the toughest of times, all is not lost.

You have a power and throng of angels, loved ones and Ascended Masters all waiting to present you with their love. There are no excuses for not seeking out help when you need it most, regardless of why you feel it is necessary. Your ability to get through the rough patches is tantamount to your ability to take each step in a small, yet forwardly progressive way. Even though you may not feel like you are reaching your goals or desires quickly enough, with a steady approach, when you look back after a few months you will see that you have taken great strides. Often, being in a physical world makes people impatient. While it is understandable, it can be useful to follow where your Higher Self leads you.

Imagine the strength you have at your fingertips when you embrace the fact that you are a piece of the God power! Whether you are trying to move towards the understanding of having a loved one pass into spirit, or you are trying to improve your health or finances, it all comes back to the fact that the core of yourself has the fortitude to amass exactly what you want. All you need to do is embrace the momentum of a plan. This plan may not be of your making, but it comes from a Source that is omnipotent and capable of seeing the future. Trusting it with all your might will benefit you much more quickly. Constantly questioning it, or raising your thoughts, voice and vibration with anger and hatred will keep you stuck.

What we have just said is that you will be blanketed and caressed with the gentle stream of angelic energies when you do not try to fault everyone, everything, or even yourself for not being where you want. Life is full of lessons. Some are painful, while others will make you more jubilant. What is most important here is that you keep prayer and visualizations to the optimal side. God and Spirit want to help you to feel eased of your tensions and burdens. Today, power up! Shout out the words, “I am worthy.” Diminishing your importance serves no good purpose. Believe in who you are and that your life will be restored to where you can paint the palate with the love you deserve! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

"Life can be a golden cascade of angelic energy"
What a wonderful thought! And what an uplifting message! The choice is ours; we are in control.

Pam said...

Hi Jim
I just love reading your words from spirit. I find these very comforting even in my darkest hours.

Thank you so much for sharing

Pam Talbot

K. Frangeskos said...

Hi Jim,
This post reminds me of God's words..."All things are possible with God"

We need to keep going and trying...and always, if possible, with a smile on our face...

I am enjoying the journey of life more...instead of just focusing on the destination.

It is always great to visit your blog!
Warmest regards to you

mary said...

Thank you Once again Jim, for your words of wisdom (Life can be a golden cascade of angelic energy.) They all fit my thoughts today.(You have a power and throng of angels, loved ones and Ascended Masters present you with their love.) Life is full of lessons. Some are painful.
You will be blanketed and caressed with the gentle stream of angelic energies. I felt my angels today. I know God blesses you always, Jim :-)*

Diane said...

Beautiful message Jim, thank you!
"You are the most powerful tool you will ever need to be happy." I know this is so true. It is all up to us.

Jim Fargiano said...

I struggled with the bulk of the message. It felt like Spirit wanted to be precise in every word, every intent for them. Judging from the responses I got, the words hit their mark. Thank you to each of you who shared your thoughts here. Many other people benefit from them.