Friday, September 11, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 12, 2009

I was very curious as to why I did not get a message from Spirit yesterday in regard to the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Instead, all I was told was to be patient and not get bogged down with what I thought, nor what everyone else probably thought was needed. Late in the afternoon, I began to get two requests. The first one was to post the September 11th message included in The Spoken Words of Spirit.

The second thing was to add that once some of the fear subsided, the world came together as a “neighborhood.” A feeling of love, compassion and comfort that began that day, soon grew in proportion, all the while keeping the unification of oneness. It is something that was requested that we look at today and “all of the tomorrows that today brings.” In addition, we are being guided to see the blessings in our lives, because acts of “dis-humanity” can take place at anytime. We are to use that thought as something to exalt about because it can once again bring us to the road of kindness and a path that reverberates warmth and tolerance.

In Spirit’s words this also came:

We mentioned neighborly and warm feelings towards each other. There was one common denominator to what caused this to happen. It was the power of prayer. People linked themselves together via their churches, synagogues, mosques and temples, in all forms. God’s children, for a few weeks, acted like they were all family. The truth is that this is how you should always feel, because the High Power sees each of you with abundant love and admiration. He wants nothing but the best for all of you.

We must also add that unity of the souls was and is always valid if you are to receive the happiness and glorification that you deserve. Yes, you do deserve this. Any mistakes you have made are overlooked by the Ascended Masters--after you have done your best to learn from them and to atone for them too. As you move your life forward, and the years mount up, it is all the more important for you to feel vindicated of your “sins.” Let us help focus you on your path of physical resurrection. The angels disrupt the evil, but you must release your pessimism and embrace the beauty of an optimistic universe. Walk in peace, as these are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Below is the entire message given to me the evening of September 11th

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

It is God’s greatest gift to bring life to people. By no
means is God responsible for the actions of evil that were
perpetrated on the world today. America was created to
symbolize freedom, unity, and total accessibility to
understand the Higher Power, yet it is understanding
that will take many people a very long time to grasp.
From amongst the piles of rubbish and lifeless bodies
that the evils of several selfish men created, people will
rise to a greater harmony. Humans will learn not to
distrust others so readily, but instead, we will teach and
learn from this massive tragedy. All of us, both in the
physical, as well as the spiritual, will challenge the
foundation of life itself to reignite us to acting in and
with love as the focus to humanity. We will amass a great
sense of unification and stand tall and proud. By way of
proclamation and advancements of maintaining a positive
and pure life, the ignorance of these hideous actions will
be defeated. Fear has no place in living life, and your
God and your inner spirit will prove to be correct in this.
We can be angered and enraged, feel emotionally
scarred and hurt, but all energies should be put towards
rebuilding our reality of a peace-loving life. Use our
focus to help, not hinder, a healing. This is a hard task
and well recognized that it may be difficult to achieve,
but know this: God and Spirit worked tirelessly in the
moments leading to this act of free will to insulate and
protect as many as possible. These “miracle” stories will
be relayed over the coming days and weeks so that you
may zero in on them, rather than the viciousness that was
needlessly and hatefully thrown at mankind. America
stands for leadership and friendliness, but the United
States will need to be just that: UNITED. In this time of
mourning, you must be a front-runner, not just for your
friends and family in this situation, but for the entire
world to see. You can set the tone for a new and stronger
wave of humanity and be the window for all good souls
across the world to see through. This adversity can be the
eyepiece of the brilliance of the souls of God, inborn in
each and every one of us.
May peace and the Light of God’s love be restored to
all people, all equally important as His children.
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JoAnn said...

One of the victims relatives said today, that the lives of those lost should be remembered not their death. There were alot of miracles that happened that horrible day, because many,many,many people did survive as well. I heard stories that people actually saw angels in the sky even before the attacks happened, but the media downplayed those accounts.
Thank you Jim - this was a beautiful message.

Diane said...

I remember feeling such a tremendous sadness for weeks after 9-11. And everywhere I went there was such love, along with a fierce patriotism. So many tears, so much pain, so many prayers for God's help to protect the world from more horrific acts. I have prayed to God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit all my life, but I was never aware how much power there truly is in our prayers. I am now.

"The angels disrupt the evil, but you must release your pessimism and embrace the beauty of an optimistic universe." These words are a beautiful prayer. Thank you Jim and Spirit.

Jim Fargiano said...

JoAnn, you could not have passed along a better message. Thank you for sharing that.

Diane, remember the line you quoted because it will get you through many difficult days.