Friday, September 25, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 26, 2009

Education will always be the best way of sustaining a positive life flow. It is our assertion that you spend at least half an hour a day focusing on the topics that interest you. Let’s suppose you desire to have great wealth. In order to receive it, you must begin by practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction. Do not wait until you have the riches before practicing, but start immediately. This law states, in simple terms, that when you give from the heart to spiritually balanced causes, groups, churches, or people who genuinely promote true spirituality, then you will be repaid up to tenfold by the universe. You cannot give it with the sole desire to get everything back. The “pay forward” approach is needed, and when done right, you will begin to see the rewards. In general, most of you understand giving ten percent of your earned income is the target. Spirit keeps the ledger for you, as to whether the amount given is sufficient. Keep in mind that this principle works in all subjects. So too, is the need to learn as much as possible about whatever it is you want.

If we speak of giving help to others who are suffering emotionally from the loss of loved ones, so that they can heal, the healing comes for you too. The more time you give of yourself, the more easily it is for you to feel the love you want to have. Many of you have taken up causes to help other families to have a place to use as a sounding board of compassionate or sympathetic thoughts. You will find yourself becoming stronger as you do this. In fact, we can almost guarantee that the more you write or verbalize how you are coping, that your mood and ability to survive will take place without you noticing until after the fact. This includes those of you who have become so forlorn and depressed that it is hard to face the new day. God is a gift to you. The angelic realm harmonizes their vibration of love to lift your hearts and souls to a protected place. Make sure you learn to fill yourself with uplifting and inspirational words and language, which are both needed to feed yourself with healing energies.

When we began this message we told you to spend some time each day to learn about the things you want. Through education, intelligence is born. What also happens is that the information flows to your subconscious, thereby creating the wave of universal energies to bring to you what you want and deserve. The more you are able to become a leader in the area you have interest in, the more easily the mental input and spiritual outflow take place. You are loved, protected and guided by the kingdom that houses the Ascended Masters. Embrace it! It will empower you! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

Another beautiful message, most of which I feel was personalized to me. Thanks, Jim, for continuing to provide these daily messages from Spirit. They mean so much to me.

nina said...

Hi Jim,
I've learned that I receive what I give. One of my teachers says, "cast your bread on the water". My bread always comes back as fish...not soggy bread. :0)
Thanks for the reminder!

Diane said...

Great message Jim! Interesting about Spirit keeping the ledger for us...I can picture them all sitting around talking about whether or not we gave enough :-o

I do love the "pay it forward" approach. It takes so little effort and money to do something good for someone and just ask them to do the same for someone else. I have to practice that more.

Thank you !!!

Jim Fargiano said...

One of the things that Spirit always tells me is that our time has value to it, so if finances are tight you can still give of yourself. Depending on the situation, that may be of more value anyway.