Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 17, 2009

Is your mind ready to be fueled for thought? Everything you do influences the way you think about life. Proper nutrition and exercise are vital, but so too is the need to exercise your freedom to grow and learn. Never limit yourself by thinking you cannot achieve something before you have even tried. As you continue to take steps to adhere to the basic principles of living spiritually, you will find that your level of inner happiness will grow accordingly. Absorb the blessings of the day!

In times of hardship, you must stay steadfast in your belief that there is more purpose for you to exist in a harmonious state. This purpose does not need to be extravagant, or even that deeply thought provoking. It may be as simple as finding a way to release the anxiety through communicating and developing a stronger trust in the Higher Powers. In spirit, we often seek to help you even when you may not feel it is necessary. In turbulent times, in particularly on personal levels, this is when your basis for a connection to God and Spirit is much more vital. Embrace the flames of protection. See your heart encircled with gentle, purple candle-like fire. It represents protection from the highest sources on the other side. You must never feel bereft of having pride in yourself and of your essential importance to Spirit and all the people you influence. You are a vital cog in the mechanics of the lives of all those you connect with.

Be thankful for the chance you have been given to restart your life. This is particularly important because you must always devalue what is harmful and embrace the fact that your life is worthy of the love and protection that the angels, God and Spirit want to adorn you with. High praise is not meant for everyone else. You deserve it! Absorb the flow of love, Light and the bonds that tie your soul to the Golden Side. We cannot thank you enough for your willingness to be a shining beacon of magnificence that many others are attracted to. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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JoAnn said...

I've been feeling very discouraged lately, so this message is just what the doctor ordered! Thank you Jim!

Anonymous said...

Funny how out of the blue tragedy and crises that leave you weak in the knees and spirit can give rise to strength of the spirit. I am always thankful to be reminded that I must "devalue what is harmful" because it is so easy to take things for granted again and get caught up in the mundane or negativity of others. Every day is a good day to fall on your knees and be thankful for the little things and blessings all around. Angels and Spirits, once I believed, were all around when I needed them most and I will never, ever forget that. And you, Jim, were so very instrumental in opening that door to me.

Diane said...

"You are a vital cog in the mechanics of the lives of all those you connect with." These words are very important, especially when struggling with problems in relationships. Thank you Jim and Spirit, for the daily lifeline you provide for me and all others.

Jim Fargiano said...

The doctor knows best! Spirit always gives up what we need on some level. Stay the course towards opening to your spiritual path and all will go well.