Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 7, 2009

Let us never forget who we are. Whether you are part of a large family, or by yourself, you are still part of God’s family. For this reason, you are never alone, no matter what you may be feeling in the moment. Your physical existence means that you will have to endure many different processes in your life. The majority will be good, however, the soul also benefits from the aggravations and losses in life, just as much as it does the celebratory causes.

It is during these times that you will feel most alone and challenged. In fact, you may even question whether or not your own life is worth finishing out on the physical side. Rest assured, it is! Even after you have suffered, arguably the worst emotional crisis you can on earth--the loss of a child--you are not as solitude in the waves of emotions that follow the passing. What you will find is that there are numerous people who have undergone the same type of emptiness. While we are speaking in terms of the death of your children, most of the emotions can be substituted for any strong and powerful bond that you’ve had with someone who returned to the Kingdom of Angels. You must remember, you have a friend in Spirit, in Jesus, God or whoever it is that you trust, regardless of what name you decide to select. The Trinity is always with you.

It seems that of late, while people are being tested in many ways by many different things and other humans, that a lot of you have chosen to hang onto the emotional hurts. When you do this, you feel as though there is not a single person who understands exactly what you’re feeling. If that is a reference to all others on your physical planet, then you would be correct. Where you err in that belief is that God himself knows what it is like. Your emotions are not best handled by ignoring or blocking them out, but by sharing with others what you are dealing with. The help for all situations, in a physical existence, must first come when you communicate. Talk, write, or sing what is in your head and heart. Release can not happen if you do not express what it is you are feeling.

All of that may sound well and good, but this message is designed to have you adhere to that advice in all matters that heighten your sadness and worries. Without opening up to your friends and family, how do you expect any problem to be solved? From spirit, many things can and will be achieved. It is your brethren on earth, no matter where that is, who can give you inner peace, comfort, confidence and the direction in how to handle virtually all problems. As much as technology has interfered with human, personal contact, it does allow you to feel connected to anyone, even when they are on the far side of the globe. The other reality is that we, Spirit, do not care what your difficulty is caused by when you turn your thoughts to us as. You are never alone, and the right people to help you to turn the corner back to a more joyful pace are in the Golden Side, as well as introduced to you on earth. May all of you know that your states of mind are looked at with respect and not judgment. You are sparkling pieces of the Divine Energy. Share these thoughts and ideas as they are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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mary said...

Reading these words of spirit is what my soul has been going through of late. The testing the hurting. the confusion of not knowing. My soul lost it's best soulmate, in this life and is floundering, wondering why we had this conection, and the test!! I shall find out one day I'm sure. God works in differnt ways and, I let him lead me always I feel I was given a lesson to stengthen my soul. Thank you Jim for bringing us these words of Spirit.
Bless you :-)*

Maureen said...

the song "You'll never walk alone" can be heard.... thank you...

Diane said...

It is so true that sharing your emotions is of utmost importance. That is what allowed me to get through the most painful times of my life. There was a time when I blamed God for the terrible loss I suffered. I didn't understand why it happened.

Mary, I wish I could take away your pain. Just hold on and accept the hugs and love of your angels. They are there, supporting and protecting you. Look carefully at all the signs of love that your soulmate is sending you. They are always with us.

Thank you Jim, for this amazing message.

Jim said...

This message is exactly what I needed today. I simply cannot believe Spirit's timing.

Jim Fargiano said...

Mary, keep on charging forward. Your soul and self will become strengthened as you do. I understand the loss of a soul mate, but shortly, life will surprise you in ways you would not have expected.

Maureen...perfect song for this message, as well as the Jerry Lewis Telethon today.

Diane, thank you as always.

Jim, Spirit will always find a way to help resolve your concerns. It is proof that the young angel watches over you.