Monday, September 28, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 29, 2009

Patience in all you do is virtually always going to allow the best results to flourish. Impulsive actions are usually done without thought of what the future results could bring. This is not to say that at times a little spontaneity is bad. In fact, from a personal relationship aspect, that type of behavior can bring life to it if things are getting too routine. The impulsiveness we speak of is generally when you are lashing out at someone, including yourself. What do we mean by that? It’s simple. Some people automatically jump to the conclusion that they did something wrong or caused a problem when, in fact, it may have been no fault of theirs at all. If it was your fault, apologies go a long way to heal things.

We ask for patience when studying to receive anything that will be beneficial. Whether you are looking to move beyond grief, add to your financial wealth, attract the perfect romantic partner, makes no difference. Being patient--and by patient we do not mean procrastination--you will find that your life will unfold and evolve in a much more balanced way. You will feel more secure and be amazed at how the universe can reward you for your efforts. God and Spirit are always looking to guide and assist you to reach your personal pinnacle of success.

There is no secret to living via the spiritual path. All you need to do is quietly abide by the Golden Rule. The outflow of love and the richness of life will then blend as part of your normal routine. If you allow for a little patience to evolve, so too will all the needed aspects that the angels want in your life. The sustenance of living in the now might seem like an odd request, considering the topic. However, when you do that you are telling your Higher Self that you do matter! You will be satiated with the love of the universe, as well as to be appreciated by those in your physical lives. Even more so, those loved ones who have been re-birthed to the spiritual kingdom will be able to look upon you with a sense of stronger peace in their souls. They want you happy! God wants you happy! Do you want to be happy? It’s all your choice. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

Very thought provoking. Is Spirit telling us to strike a balance between patience and impulsiveness?

Diane said...

Patience can be very difficult to achieve at times, we want instant gratification! But it is true that the rewards are many.

This is a great lesson Jim, thank you!

florence said...

i know that when i listen to my intuition/spirit i am sometimes moved quickly other times slowly. i work to ensure i get quiet enough so i may listen to that still voice that will inform my actions.

for me patience is required to listen. i seek knowing, so i may be moved without pushing. I try to open myself to allow God to do the moving and for me to do the opening to his will...

thanks for a great topic...

Jim Fargiano said...

Jim, there is always a subtle message about the yin yang of the universe, if that makes sense.

Diane, I just heard, "Instant gratification comes more quickly when gratitude is shown for what you (all people) have now.

Florence, you certainly are on the right track with your thoughts. Keep up the great work and trust more of what you are feeling. Questioning it so much will cause the "analysis is paralysis" syndrome.