Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 24, 2009

You are engulfed by a sea of love; where angels dare to raise your level of value to yourself. Make sure you never feel as though you are drowning, because the truth of our connection with you is insurmountable. Nothing can extinguish the blaze of protection that we give to your souls. Whether on this side or the Golden Side, your soul is our cherished reward. We will keep you balanced and focused on living as harmoniously as possible.

Our desire is to lift your attitudes. We want you to feel enlightened and empowered. Your responsibility is only to your God and your soul, which just happens to be a piece of God. There are many lessons that you go through in your physical life. Some of beautiful, while others require a deep sense of knowing that life is everlasting. The arrival of all people on the side of the Ascended Masters is one that is celebrated by them. We know that it can be a harsh time for those left behind on earth, but we also know that as long as you continue to strive towards accepting all the help that is sent to you, then your life will ultimately feel healed.

Living requires the soul’s expression to be generated through the body it uses as its cavern of existence. Like an infant in the mother’s womb, you are the womb to your soul. That means that you were selected to bring life to an energy that saw it’s rewards by seeing in you all of the connections you have on the physical plane. Many, many lessons are amassed, leaving you more eloquently rewarded after you have finished out your time. While it may seem unfair, sometimes the length of time you get to share with your family is very short. The family your loved ones gain is at a loving level and redemption for all souls, regardless of how they enter the Kingdom of Love. It is much better to live life. We are protecting you and your cherished family and friends. Let that peaceful thought sift into your soul. Process what we have just shared with you. Feel the passion and compassion that these words are meant to bring you. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

I love the beginning Jim. "You are engulfed by a sea of love; where angels dare to raise your level of value to yourself." How important they make us feel!

Thank you!