Monday, September 7, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 8, 2009

Many people live life in a bit of a fog when they want something that is not practical to receive at the moment. Do you find yourself daydreaming? What about imagining yourself someplace other than where you are? If this is done with positive desires, then it is not too bad a way to invoke a better subconscious belief. Remember, you do not have to obtain or sustain other negative aspects when they come from someone else’s attitude and behavior. What will work is the consistency in your own actions and efforts to continue to improve yourself. Doing so will give you clarity and remove the haze of discomfort. You will then receive what you have requested or longed for.

There is nobody responsible for making you happy. It all must come from the burning urge within you. Spirit will always be available to help you, as will many people in your life. Only you can decide what steps you are taking to ensure a bond with purpose and achievements. Self empowerment is a great thing. You must be ready to receive and recognize the rewards of staying with resolve when trying to improve.

With patience and steady perseverance, all the aspects of life that you want to envelop you will be able to do just that. The emotional ups and downs will begin to even out and seem much more tolerable. The fiscal rewards will come more quickly. It is the areas of romance that still perplex those of us on the Golden Side. We view this as the most misused aspect of free will, where people will override what is in their soul by convincing themselves that their own mind and knowledge knows best. Do not turn down opportunities to grasp the nuances of having a loving relationship. This is also true for all sorts of dynamics. Always tell your family, friends and lover that you do in fact love them. If they are in spirit, they are much more aware of this than you could understand from the physical side of life.

We’ve given you quite a bit to think about today. Do not rush to conclusions. Process the words and messages. Invoke the power and love of God and Spirit into your everyday thoughts and deeds. It will keep you more balanced and make it harder for anxiety and depression to grip you. In the eyes of the angels, you are the radiant stream of a loving consciousness that you think is not always present. May your days be enumerated with vast possibilities and gifts of the working Light of the Kingdom of Ascended Masters. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Jim said...

A very comforting message that seems to put many things in place. It's wonderful to know that our loved ones in spirit are so aware of our love.

Diane said...

I have found that my emotional upsets don't seem to last as long as they did in the past. I am able to "think" myself better, if that makes sense.

And if it makes Spirit feel any better, my romantic life confuses the heck out of me too! ;-)

Thanks Jim!

Jim Fargiano said...

Jim, I love the reassurance it gives us when they give me messages like this.

Diane, I will put the word in to the powers that be that you need to have ALL areas of love taken care of.

Diane said...

It's nice to have friends with connections to the executive offices!! While you are putting in a good word for me in the LOVE areas, could you ask them to help me find a winning lottery ticket? Any help is much appreciated!

Jim Fargiano said...

I keep asking for the lottery numbers, but you know the old joke.

No one ever reads, "Psychic Wins Lottery!"