Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 28, 2009

We offer you the opportunity to believe in yourself! Believe you have strength! Believe you are loved! Believe that the Golden Pathway of God’s love will help to usher you to the good and through the bad. Thinking you are unnoticed and unworthy of the attention of those who foster their nurturing love on the other side is completely amiss. You are blessed with a wave of pure energy!

In life, it is faith, trust and love that are the keys to a better way to feel. If you have faith, then you are telling the universe that you believe something positive will happen for you. In order for that to take place, you must have total trust. However, it is love that will stand you apart from others. Many of you are jumping to conclusions and think we are speaking of loving someone else. This love is the love you must have for yourself. You must begin and end your day with some form of goals in mind, both long and short-term.
What emotional balance would you like to have? Do you want to get past times of grief, or do you think it is more valorous to hold onto it as though it is a badge of honor? We ask this not to be facetious, but to remind you that your loved ones are working hard to restore happiness to you. The passing of loved ones is just a normal part of your life path. While some losses are harder to endure than others, there has yet to be any adult who has not encountered it. Your support system must come from what you believe. It must come from having faith that your life will rebalance itself, but that has to come from trusting that you were not created to suffer endlessly. The powers on the side of Spirit are trying to help you. Have enough love for you--the important one--to seize on the opportunity to grab it. Do not cease in embracing and trusting it, otherwise you will struggle longer. And who wants to do that?

Today, determine that you will stop blaming yourself for every loss of every kind. Instead, we ask that you put guilt aside and resurrect all the things that you cherish, regardless of what that may be. Strive to reach all aspects of importance. You are a blessed gift to the universe. See yourself that way! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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Diane said...

What a beautiful message! Thank you Jim!