Friday, September 4, 2009

The Spoken Words of Spirit--September 5, 2009

We often speak to you about moving forward. There are times when it makes sense to move quickly, but when it comes to some of the lessons that need to be learned on a deeper level, fast is not always so good. Never let yourself feel like you are on trial because you are trying to move not an inch, but a mile. With consistency, your goal will be met.

All people are facing challenges; some greater than others. It is normal to feel invigorated by some of the words you may find here, only to forget them in a matter of minutes or days. Being steadfast in restarting the behavioral change you need each time you stumble away from the guidance given is seen as a perfect effort. There is no need for you to convince yourself you have failed. By showing awareness, you have proven that you want to learn and succeed. The blessings await you! Inching forward may be more comfortable for many of you. Look at the small changes you can take. Each epoch journey begins with a single step. Today, take your new step forward. Soon, you’ll be looking behind you to see a sunset that you did not want. In front of you will be a glorious sunrise; filled with newness and nothing to dissuade you from reaching the pinnacle of peace and inner harmony.

There is an expression that basically states that to accomplish real change, “an inch is a cinch.” This can be used for virtually all things that need to be altered. Whether you are thinking about weight loss, financial gain, relationship improvements or spiritual growth, a slow and steady approach will pay huge dividends. The best way to land the prize of feeling euphoric in life is by relaxing your mind. Live, love and be at peace with the things you don’t know. Introducing yourself to new people and new ways are also a step in the right direction. What path will you take? The one that has you struggling and confused, or the one that offers friendship and a plethora of infinite love and gifts? These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.
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mary said...

Live, love and be at peace with the things you don’t know!! This is the path I shall strive to take. I am always in a hurry to know more in this lifetime. These words can slow me down.
Bless you , Jim :-)*

Diane said...

Sometimes it feels like I am going backwards in my life, but not intentionally. It's the challenges that life brings me, one right after another, that confuse me. I mean, I believe I am on the right path but things seem to keep going awry, no matter how hard I try to do the right thing.

I will stop whining now. Thank you Jim....

Jim Fargiano said...

How do we love the things we don't know? The answer is always, "Trust!" As a human, it's not always easy, but the more we practice it, the more we will understand it. The challenges might not disappear, but we won't pay as much attention to them.